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DEEP DIVE: Discovering Your Destiny with Human Design


LEM is proud to support this deep dive opportunity with Founding Member, Ruth Brennan - a Human Design Professional.

In this experiential workshop, we’ll work with your individual charts and explore different areas of YOUR Human Design. Your Human Design is as unique as your fingerprint. It reveals the person you were born to be. It represents your true nature long before it was influenced or shaped by outside conditioning. 

Who were YOU born to be?

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to live your most fulfilling and vibrant life;
  • You’re ready to discover what you were born to do;
  • You’d like to learn how to make correct decisions in your life;
  • You want to learn your true gifts and talents;
  • You yearn for more compassion and understanding in your relationships;
  • And, you’d like to live the most authentic version of yourself.

During this workshop we’ll:

  • Talk about your aura-type, strategy, inner-authority for successful decision-making;
  • and the costume you wear in life;
  • Discover what your energy communicates about you without you saying a word;
  • Discover where you take in the energy of others and how it might distract you from living authentically;
  • Celebrate your uniqueness and have compassion for others’ uniqueness.

No experience or understanding of Human Design is necessary for this workshop. However, we need your birthdata when you register so we can prepare your Human Design Chart for the workshop. (Day, Month, Year, Time and Location). 

This workshop is designed to be all about YOU. Join us for this journey of discovery. You’ll leave with practical tools to experiment with in your life.

$35 for Non-Members
$25 for Yoga Seed Members & LEM

Call Ruth at 360.831.2578 for reservations
or The Yoga Seed at 360.750.9642