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DEEP DIVE: How We Connect: Relationships, Partnerships & Love

This month it's all about improving our relationships and how we connect to each other. Bring a friend or your partner and see how Human Design can help you understand yourself and others.

“One of the fascinating things is that the quality of love that we attribute to a relationship is directly proportional to how much it changes the way we feel about ourselves because the connection changes us. We are different with the other.” ~ Ra Uru Hu

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding. Each and every one of us has a beautifully unique nature that is here to be explored and expressed. Not by doing anything, but by being yourself. The greatest gift is to be able to see clearly the basic matrix from which you operate. Human Design can give you a map to your uniqueness and show you how to live your uniqueness, as your unique and differentiated self.

In this workshop we’ll explore how we can connect to ourselves and others. Human Design:

  • Teaches us to love and accept ourselves
  • Teaches us to be authentic
  • Teaching us to be our true self

When we love our self we can love another authentically. It’s all about understanding and acceptance.

No experience or understanding of Human Design is necessary for this workshop. However, we need your birthdata when you register so we can prepare your Human Design Chart for the workshop. (Day, Month, Year, Time and Location). 

$35 for Non-Members
$25 for Yoga Seed Members & LEM

Call Ruth at 360.831.2578 for reservations or The Yoga Seed at 360.750.9642