Company: S E E D Health + Wellness
Business: Holistic Health Coaching / Health + Nutrition Education/ Plant-Based Cooking
Name: Denise Pasquinelli
Phone: 360.907.5021

"Cultivating a connection to nature is at the root of our individual, societal, and planetary health. We are of the earth, by the earth, and will one day return to become earth. To experience this truth IS transformation."

Denise is a holistic health coach, a functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, and an Ayurveda enthusiast who devotes herself to your vibrant wellness - one delectable meal at a time. She teaches and models the power of a primarily plant sourced and presence based lifestyle. Denise has curated teachings from diverse healing modalities that all agree: food is medicine. She integrates this into programs, classes, and 1 : 1 sessions with clients where she connects food to physiology. This all stems from her experiences of working with her own auto immune challenges, which, in 2014, included leaving those she adored in New York City for a more earth based lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest.

Her artistry in her work comes from her humble and grounded personality that naturally sees the simplest solutions as the most empowering. Whether it’s thru approaching an opportunity for changing old ways, a health diagnosis, or a desire to care deeply for your own organic being, Denise brings her love of all things nourishing to the conversation. Denise believes the pursuit for health is best met with whimsy and curiosity. She loves to sit in uncertainty with you, to listen, to connect, and to dig deep to discover new ways to connect systems into an expression of wholeness that is unique to YOU!