Company: Michelle Anita Wirta Creations, LLC., dba The Soul Translator
Business: Life and Business Spiritual Medium and Facilitator.
Name: Michelle Anita Wirta
Phone: 707.820.7685

To grow in or from anything means learning how to listen to our energies, sensitivities, body, heart, and mind as the language of our Soul.” 

Michelle is a multi-sensory intuitive and professional empath who has a diverse background in healing modalities, science, clinical psychology, and coaching. She adores her private clientele that entrust her to connect with and reconnect them to spiritual realms of support thru Soul Translations and remote energy shifting and healing. 

Her biggest passion is supporting others around the power of their empath sensitivities, clearing limited belief patterns, and in energetic self care to reconnect with ourselves, our strengths, each other, and our work where we can BE who we are in all that we DO.

As a creative with a wild and witty penchant for combining systems (and words..:) into ’soulistic’ programs for personal and professional development, Michelle creates and facilitates online courses and live workshops on empaths, intuition, energetics, and as an advocate for introverted empath entrepreneurs whose sensitivities can be deeply valued as catalysts for interconnectivity.

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