Our intention is to create a movement of mindful living; to create a safe place to evoke curiosity in our lives; to inspire questions beneath the surface and motivate each other to create positive changes in our lives. It's time that we start connecting and seeing each other for not only what we "do", but more importantly, WHO WE ARE. Everyone has an inspiring story to tell by sharing who they are. Live Everything Mindful is a movement to uncover the answers that lie within through self-awareness. You are a gift to the world, and we see you!

Come play in your playground for possibilities!!!

A favorite saying here: Here We Grow Again:)

Come check it out for yourself and define your own self-care regime. We will help support you in turning up your internal compass and turning down the external compass.


The Live Everything Mindful Self-Care Center encourages a step into a growth mindset. It is a space to self-navigate possibilities of who you are from the inside out. Come in as you are, and leave who you want to be. We have tools for personal growth that will help you shift out of the fixed-mindset of who you think you are from the external labels, and more into the curiosity of who you’ve always wanted to be. Whether you are taking a workshop, attending an event, or sitting in one of our mindful spaces, we hope you enjoy getting to know yourself in a new light. We see you and you matter!