Company: The Yoga Seed
Business: Yoga, BodyTalk
Name: Samantha Brown
Phone: 360.831.2578

What inspires me is people lighting up and getting in touch with what makes them come alive. I see myself as kind of a "soul junkie". I love hearing about people's life stories because people just fascinate me. In my work, a practice called BodyTalk, I get to hear people's stories all day long and see where they're at and assist them to where they want to be. We tune in to the blueprint of their energy field, and using a style of muscle testing, we assist and give space for their energetic bodies to flow even more harmoniously by clearing out energetic blocks and old beliefs that are no longer serving them. While on the table, you can often feel your organs move back in to their proper positions or your tummy gurgling as your small intestines/gut brain is updating in consciousness. It's a pretty cool experience. Traveling is another one of my passions and I have journeyed around the world to study with powerful and loving teachers, healers, visited sacred spaces, met gorgeous amazing awakened people and gathered so much juicy knowledge to share with you and all the people in Vancouverland and beyond. 

My love for LEM stems from my deep calling for connection. I have always loved this quote, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has," Margaret Mead. I have seen and experienced the beautiful deep connections that flower and blossom organically through this group. It has connected me to some of my very favorite people, inspired me to open my mind to think and feel in new ways, and so much more. Every meeting is a surprise and fills up your Spirit. The one thing that Kathy Carlisle taught me that I will never forget is, "Look at each day with brand new eyes and always stay curious." Her unique ways of connecting with you to open up your Spirit is one awesome gift that I definitely encourage everyone to experience first hand. So excited to get to be a part of this magic and hope to meet with you and chat over tea soon. 

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