Letters to the Universe

This photoshoot was an adventure for me. Having beloved goddesses paint my face, wearing jewelry that didn’t belong to me. It all gave me permission to be something or someone else for a day. Kathy and the LEM community create this nourishing soil for you to grow, and you don’t even realize you’re growing. It all feels like play, but it’s always so much deeper. I felt changed after this photoshoot. I remember one of the more ‘warrior-like’ poses, and that is something I don’t often express especially in photos. It really gave me an opportunity to celebrate all aspects of myself.

My most treasured self-care practice:

I love writing letters to the Universe. Every day I write a letter asking the Universe, how can I serve the world in the best way? What are specific things that my personal body is craving? What would need to happen for me to feel really vibrant and incredible about that day? I feel that writing in the morning, tuning into my guides and my galactic team, gives me Universal Support, Universal Protection, Universal Speed for me to get to go full speed ahead for the day. I also tune in again whenever I feel that I’m off my flow. I love that I have tools to get to check in often. It’s never anything ‘planned’ for me. It’s always just, pulling a few angel cards here and there, writing, asking, listening and then taking imperfect inspired action once I receive guidance and feel filled up.

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Stay Connected

My very favorite self-care practice is my evening walk when I talk to the spirits, angels, my guides and ancestors as I look up into the sky. I slow down and feel my feet touch the ground.

Mindfulness IS my journey

I introduced myself at a 5 day wilderness first aid training session, I recall feeling a bit surrendered upon arrival as the weekend prior I had spent in the hospital after an urgent unfolding with a close family member.

Rebranding Nervousness

I always feel nervous when I know all eyes will be on me, as a teacher, a leader, a speaker – but I’m also excited. In fact, I’m trying to rebrand nervousness for myself.

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