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About Live Everything Mindful

Live Everything Mindful serves as a bridge for those looking to build their own mindful practice, healthy community, and life-relearning. We offer ongoing inspiration, insightful teachers, and new, creative tools to cultivate personal growth through the power of curiosity and connection. At Live Everything Mindful you will experience a lively and supportive playground of amazing possibilities on your journey of continued self-discovery and self-care.


Here are a few of the guiding principles that Live Everything Mindful was built around. We call them our "Playground Rules".

Meet Our Team

Founder, President

It may sound a little dramatic to say that I started living once I got a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, but there is a lot of truth in that statement for me. What appeared to be a diagnosis of an incurable disease, was actually an invitation to awaken to more of who I was on the inside.

Amy Surface

director of content

Amy has known she always wanted to be a healer since she was very young. She spent time as a candy-striper volunteering at the local hospital when she was a teen.  She continued health-related volunteer work throughout college and became a Physician Assistant in 2002.  Over time she discovered a new world of healing:  One of mind, body, soul. This interest ignited a new passion for healing modalities of the ancient traditions. Amy is fusing this passion as a contributor to LEM, in her reiki practice, and her western medicine practice.

Jake Carlisle

director of business

A sought-after communications coach, speaker, and Home Mortgage Expert, Jake Carlisle prepares business owners, department executives and public figures to fine-tune their presence on stage and on camera. Jake’s focus is on teaching the importance of practice and creating a connection through storytelling in a corporate presentation environment. He believes that dynamic communicators treat each presentation like the Super Bowl and every player studies a film of their own performance before a big game.

Roman Shauer

Web developer, it support

I am a father, husband, and son. I plan and execute digital content, including websites, landing pages, video, and social assets. I help business owners understand the role of the content in the larger digital landscape. I help them plan and execute ways to use their website and digital channels to convert visitors into contacts, leads, or sales.

Lynn Cornberg


I am an Interior Alaska photographer. Being a 1964 wood dragon, the forests and hills of home make and play me. I wander often with my camera collecting what I find and sharing not as capital but as gifts that must always move. I was once invited to the LEM center where in a circle of those sharing gifts I was played as a singing prayer bowl, the sound still reverberates from me skin, breath and bones. With joy I return found gifts to a community that is always changing and growing.

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