Rebranding Nervousness

I always feel nervous when I know all eyes will be on me, as a teacher, a leader, a speaker – but I’m also excited. In fact, I’m trying to rebrand nervousness for myself. I think it is actually less about nerves or fear and more of an experience of excitement, of extra energy – my energy expanding to meet the hearts of the people in the room. But in that, there are those moments before – when it’s just me in my body, with all that extra juice – and I feel tingly, and happy, and curious, and sweaty, and a little scared that I might not do my best, and very excited that I may do more than I could have imagined.

My most treasured self-care practice:

Meditation. Breath. Movement. Music. All wrapped together as a daily practice. One made more delicious with the sun shining on my face (but not a requirement!) Starting the day by being in my body, creating a beautiful vision with my mind, opening my heart, engaging my senses, asking for higher guidance – this sets the day off on the right path. I end my practice asking spirit – “what message can I carry into the world? what will you have me do?” – I trust the image or word or sensation that comes to me. I practice following this guidance. I treasure this time with myself and I know that it creates a container for the rest of my day to unfold into – one that is made more sacred by my practice.

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Stay Connected

My very favorite self-care practice is my evening walk when I talk to the spirits, angels, my guides and ancestors as I look up into the sky. I slow down and feel my feet touch the ground.

Letters to the Universe

I love writing letters to the Universe. Every day I write a letter asking the Universe, how can I serve the world in the best way? What are specific things that my personal body is craving? What would need to happen for me to feel really vibrant and incredible about that day?

Mindfulness IS my journey

I introduced myself at a 5 day wilderness first aid training session, I recall feeling a bit surrendered upon arrival as the weekend prior I had spent in the hospital after an urgent unfolding with a close family member.

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