Rebranding Nervousness

I always feel nervous when I know all eyes will be on me, as a teacher, a leader, a speaker – but I’m also excited. In fact, I’m trying to rebrand nervousness for myself. I think it is actually less about nerves or fear and more of an experience of excitement, of extra energy – my energy expanding to meet the hearts of the people in the room. But in that, there are those moments before – when it’s just me in my body, with all that extra juice – and I feel tingly, and happy, and curious, and sweaty, and a little scared that I might not do my best, and very excited that I may do more than I could have imagined.

My most treasured self-care practice:

Meditation. Breath. Movement. Music. All wrapped together as a daily practice. One made more delicious with the sun shining on my face (but not a requirement!) Starting the day by being in my body, creating a beautiful vision with my mind, opening my heart, engaging my senses, asking for higher guidance – this sets the day off on the right path. I end my practice asking spirit – “what message can I carry into the world? what will you have me do?” – I trust the image or word or sensation that comes to me. I practice following this guidance. I treasure this time with myself and I know that it creates a container for the rest of my day to unfold into – one that is made more sacred by my practice.

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