Inspiring connection to oneself.
Encouraging conscious participation in one’s life.
Journey from head into heart.
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Spread Inspiration.

Invoke Possibilities.

Welcome! Gather here at Live Everything Mindful for an online experience meant to inspire Connection to Oneself! Let’s learn, laugh and live in ways that open our minds to curiosity and possibilities of whole-heart living through creating personal mindful practices. We at Live Everything Mindful believe you have the answers you are seeking and offer the invitation, tools, and space to make these discoveries as we, together, journey within. ​

From Kathy

Wonder what exactly is in store if you become a member of LEM? Wonder what all the excitement is about with the membership content? In this video Kathy Carlisle, founder of LEM, shows you how she uses the site and the content every day!


Live Everything Mindful serves as a bridge for those looking to build their own mindful practice, healthy community, and life-relearning. At Live Everything Mindful you will experience NINE lively and supportive playgrounds of amazing content for your journey of continued self-discovery and self-care. LEM members have access to videos, downloadable PDF’s, workshops and many levels of inspiration.


We offer ongoing inspiration, insightful teachers, and new, creative tools to cultivate personal growth through the power of curiosity and connection. Our events are free for members and are offered intermittently throughout the year.

Permission Slips

This is your permission slip to explore the website with intention and guidance. We believe we all have the same desire to have an outline or ‘permission slip’ and rewards for our accomplishments. Here you take yourself on a tour of the site and become an explorer of self inspiration!

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