Permission to Play

Permission to Play

This is your permission slip to explore the website with intention and guidance! Just like school days, we believe adults have the same desire to have an outline or ‘permission slip’ and rewards for their accomplishments. Who doesn't want a gold star for a job well done?

Dipping Your Toes In

Permission to dip your toes into the LEM playground. There is so much to explore and our intention is to inspire connection with yourself. Here’s just a taste of what the LEM Team wants you to sample!


Permission to learn more about chakras on all levels!  There are many ways to balance, enhance, and tune your chakras and engaging with each of these 8 steps will give you a great start!


Permission to explore your relationship with yourself in order to enhance your relationships with others.  Engage in these four steps to get started!


Permission to change the way you think about yourself in the kitchen!  Engage in the two steps and have some fun creating!

Human Design Basics

Permission to start the journey into Human Design!  This is a four part series of Human Design basics.  Download your chart from a free site, then complete the four videos, reflect and complete the worksheet provided!

Take The Plunge

Permission to dive into yourself!  Our self-reflection playground and Kathy’s Corner are where we like to encourage people to strip down and go inside, learn, reflect, grow and expand!  This permission slip journey is eight steps and we hope you enjoy!

We Are All Artists

Permission to let your inner artist shine!  Start by reading two pieces of content about creativity and consider where you put your creative energy THEN complete a project, either from the site or from your own resource!  Take a photo, we want to see your artistic talents!
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