Nurturing Your Profile (HD) With Ruth!

Virtual Event

We want to focus on self care this month! Human Design combines ancient wisdom systems and modern science to give you a blueprint of how your most natural responses are designed to enhance your life. How would you like to know yourself a little more and be able to nurture YOU just a little better!  In Human Design we all have profiles.  We learned about profiles in HD Basics; you can check that out here if you are a member.  In this LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT Ruth will go over profiles again, but this time specifically how to nurture and care for each profile.
This is a FREE EVENT FOR MEMBERS! (When you are logged into the LEM site you will see the link to join the event on the calendar page at the time the event starts.)  This is a TICKETED EVENT for non-members/public.  Register for tickets and you will receive an email with the link to join on the day of the event.

Summer Solstice Celebration With Judy!

Virtual Event

Join LEM in the fun of celebrating the upcoming Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere). We will have a ceremony to celebrate the longest day of the year (i.e., the most sunlight). You’ll learn some of the background of this special day, participate in some interactive activities, and look at the changing of the seasons in new ways. Feel free to bring your entire family; it’s a celebration for all ages!

Self Care For Your Sign With Dena

Virtual Event

Self care for your sign with one of our favorite astrology queens Dena Decastro!  Dena is going to sit down and chat with Kathy and Amy about self care for your sun sign and moon sign.  Want to get a head start? Check out Dena's three PDF's in our Mindful Self Reflection Playground.  Learn to nurture yourself when you are stressed or depleted.  THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY EVENT.

Caring For Yourself with Chinese Medicine with Megan

Virtual Event

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for centuries.  Megan is joining us for this LIVE VIRTUAL event to share her vast knowledge about how you can take care of YOU using Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs, essential oils, foods, and acupressure points.

Beyond the Perfect Shot, Selfie Workshop with Kathy!

Virtual Event

It is time to go beyond the perfect shot, the curated photo, and learn Kathy's tools for keeping it real! During this hour long workshop Kathy shares action steps to play with selfies and transform yourself in the process!  Free for members, ticketed for non-members/public!

See Yourself New with Human Design & Ruth!

Virtual Event

Want a new way to look at YOU?  Human design combines ancient wisdom systems and modern science to give you a blueprint of how your most natural responses are designed to enhance your life. Ruth Brennan is a certified analyst, teacher, and reader of Human Design and she is here for YOU!  What a treat to have Ruth helping you see a new you!  In this live virtual event Ruth will be looking at YOUR chart and unleash the extraordinary power of being YOU!

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Organizing Your Affairs with Judy!

Virtual Event

In August we are talking about transitions!  One big challenge for many people is knowing and understanding how to get their affairs in order later in life.  Lucky for us Judy knows all the tips, tricks, and recommendations to help you get this done!  This is a FREE EVENT FOR MEMBERS.  (On the day & time of the event, log into the LEM site and go to your events calendar, a link will appear for you to join!) If you are not able to attend the LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT it will be recorded and placed in the Mindful Finance Playground. IF you are not yet a member, TICKETS ARE ON SALE for non-members/public.  Your email with purchase information will have a link to join the event. We would love to have you join us!

Next BIG Steps, Recommendations For Starting Out

Virtual Event

Are you a young person ready to move to the next phase of your life?  Ready to start "adulting"?  Jake is presenting this LIVE VIRTUAL event just for you! Jake helps guide you through the next big steps with practical life advice to starting out and getting your finances stable early on!

This is a ticketed event for non-members/public, just $5 per person.  The event is FREE FOR MEMBERS! Members log in at the start time on the date of the event and a link will appear to join.  Ticket holders will receive an email with link once you have made the purchase.

Parenting With Human Design & Ruth!

Take a new look at parenting with a Human Design lens!  She will discuss tips and recommendations for parenting generators, mani-gens, projectors, manifestors, and reflectors! If you would like to peek at your child's chart as you learn, this is a great free site to check out: Get Your Chart. 

This will be a ticketed event for non-members/public, coming soon.  FREE EVENT FOR MEMBERS! 

Time/date subject to change.

Parenting With Human Design & Ruth, YOUR turn!

A new way to parent with a Human Design!  In the first parenting with Human Design event, Ruth gave an overview of recommendations for parenting various aura types.  Now it's YOUR turn!  She will look at YOUR child's chart and give individual tips and recommendations on parenting uniquely for each child!  This is a very special event as Ruth is booked out for readings and she is doing readings for LEM!  

This will be a ticketed event for non-members/public, coming soon.  FREE EVENT FOR MEMBERS! 

Time/date subject to change more information to come!