Lisa Jacobs


Lisa Jacobs

LEM Founder

As a forever-learner, I am hoping never to “arrive” at completion in this life; I value the journey. My heart is thrilled when I’m learning new things, when my loved ones are happy and when I’m having a part in a job well done. I feel most at home when taking in or adding to the beauty that continually surrounds us. I’m appreciative and have always been drawn to the fullness of life – all aspects, the lively and apparent as well as the deep and often unnoticed. How wonderfully welcome I feel on the LEM Playgound just as I am!

More about me: I am a passionate overseer who has dedicated time helping non-profits and small business owners get going and who has served on local, private and community boards. I love rolling up my sleeves and getting into these types of projects where, collaboratively, something special is created that benefits a community.

More specifically, I get to create and nurture environments in which people who want to empower others and themselves are personally supported and celebrated! What an honor it is creating and offering resources that ignites growth and a transformative process on a person’s creative, and oftentimes healing journey.

Also me: Holding space for and witnessing a person’s growth and transformation along their journey not only lights me up but invokes inner-healing on my own journey. I embrace that I am showing up to learn just as much as I am showing up to lead – and I’m always surprised and delighted by the take-aways!

More specifically, I’m inspired by the bravery of those setting out on new, creative and healing endeavors. Whether it is in service to others or to ourselves, connecting mindfully in this common heart-space of curiosity and vulnerability uncovers, little-by-little, more authentic versions of ourselves. It is from this inner space where possibilities arise and true healing can begin.

What an adventure! Thank you for allowing us at LEM to a be part of yours. 

Ways I play and what I’ve discovered on the LEM Playground:

I’m an Old Soul still learning. ~ “Finding myself” is actually returning to myself; the answers are inside. ~ There’s a TOOL for that! ~ I experience forgiveness unto my body for having cancer and forgiveness unto myself for ever believing my body betrayed or abandoned me. ~ Look at that: I’m becoming curious about becoming friends with my body again! ~ Mindfully practicing presence reaffirms my place on the planet despite my prognosis. ~ I trust my inner light which acts as a compass guiding me through whatever comes my way.

I’m looking forward to witnessing and honoring you on your continued journey of self-discovery!

– Lisa Jacobs

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