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“Cultivating a connection to nature is at the root of our individual, societal, and planetary health. We are of the earth, by the earth, and will one day return to become the earth. To experience this truth IS transformation.”
Denise creates health-focused educational experiences designed to support you to transform! Denise weaves together meditation, kundalini yoga, plant-based nutrition, earth-based spiritual teachings, astrology, and artistry to create immersive experiences that support you to re-discover the most authentic “you” that you can be. Denise embraces the light and the shadow – she loves to sit in uncertainty with you, to listen, to connect, and to ask the questions that will help you to dig deep. Denise uses systems and frameworks to help you connect to what is most serving and healing for YOU.
Denise has curated teachings from diverse healing modalities and integrated them into group programs, classes, and 1: 1 sessions with clients where she connects food to physiology, astrology to evolution, and stillness to intuition. Expect to discover that the simplest, most beautiful solutions, are the most empowering.

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