Presentation Coach & Home Finance Expert at You Got This!

A sought-after communications coach speaker and Home Mortgage Expert, Jake Carlisle prepares business owners, department executives and public figures to fine-tune their presence on stage and on camera. Jake’s focus is on teaching the importance of practice and creating a connection through storytelling in a corporate presentation environment. He believes that dynamic communicators treat each presentation like the super bowl and every player studies film of their own performance before a big game.

Over the past 7 years, Jake has empowered his clients to be memorable, effective communicators by getting to the point and support their message with stories that are relatable. As a former athlete and corporate executive, Jake can relate to the pressure of getting a sales pitch or a corporate message right the first time. He has assisted firms of all sizes use proven techniques to become more persuasive, compelling and enjoyable communicators.

Jake lives in Southwest Washington State with his wife and three children.


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