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Overnight Oats With Amy

CONTENT LAUNCH! The solar plexus houses a fiery energy for empowerment and transformation, connected to our self-esteem.  This fiery energy feeds off slow burning carbohydrates like oats! Today we launch Amy’s Overnight Oats, a recipe for all to enjoy!  Content can be found in the Mindful Food Playground!

Crown Chakra Meditation With Denise!

CONTENT LAUNCH! The seventh chakra is the crown chakra.  The crown chakra is the epitome of beauty, spirituality, oneness, and bliss. It thrives in meditation, prayer, and reflection. Today we launch a lovely crown chakra meditation  from Denise! Enjoy this in the Mindful Meditation Playground. 

Heart Chakra With Amy!

Amy is a Physician Assistant and Reiki Master functioning with one foot in the western medicine world and one foot in the mind/body/soul world. For this reason she acts as a bridge between alternative-ancient and western medicine. Her specialty is affairs of the heart!  In this live virtual event Amy will talk about heart health and the heart chakra from herbs to nutrition to nature and compassion!

This is a MEMBERS ONLY EVENT, free for all members. At the start time of the event, log in and click on event details, a link will appear to join!


One of our favorite times of year!  Last years chakra week has turned into a CHAKRA MONTH!  All month long we will be celebrating the seven chakras!  Not sure what a chakra is?  Start the themed month with our Chakra Permission Slip! This will help you dive in and start to learn!  Keep an eye out for content launches and chakra events all month long!

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