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Balancing Your Throat Chakra!

In this live virtual event Amy will be chatting about the throat chakra basics, how to identify issues, and most importantly how you can balance!  Our throat chakra is responsible for communication and expression!  Want to learn more basics about the chakras?  Use the search feature in our Mindful Playground and find all the chakra content we have to share!  Chakras!

This event is for MEMBERS ONLY! You can log into the LEM site on the date and time of the event and go to the events page.  A link will appear to join us!  Not yet a member? Click here to register to play with us!

Sacral Flow & Creativity with Michelle!

Please join LEM and Michelle Wirta, artist and creative mindset coach, in the chakra playground painted bright Sunkist rich orange! With a dip into some mindful creativity and discussion we’ll explore the power of the sacral chakra. If you’ve been feeling blocked in trusting what you feel and want to express more of, start creating more of, and to feel more flow in your life, then you’ll want to be part of this class. Some ways that Michelle works with this chakra’s energy may be unexpected but is key to help keep it flowing juicy nourishing orange! *Please have coloring tools (your choice on what kind) and paper nearby for the class*
This event is FREE FOR MEMBERS!  Log into the LEM site on the day of the event and at the start time a link will appear in the event details!

Non-members/public! TICKETS are available for purchase for this exclusive taste of Michelle’s brilliant creative coaching! $10.00 per person, you will receive an email confirmation and link to join on the day of the event!


One of our favorite times of year!  Last years chakra week has turned into a CHAKRA MONTH!  All month long we will be celebrating the seven chakras!  Not sure what a chakra is?  Start the themed month with our Chakra Permission Slip! This will help you dive in and start to learn!  Keep an eye out for content launches and chakra events all month long!

Meditation & Movement with Chakra based intentions with Krystal 3 of 7

At Live Everything Mindful we are a curious bunch and we love to play!  Krystal levels up our meditation and movement rituals by using the themes of the chakras to bring more intention to our practice.  The focus of the third chakra, the solar plexus, is multi-tasking energy.  Together we will empower our practice. (Recorded event, members only)

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