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Unspoken Love-Honoring the Throat Chakra with Kathy & Jake


Find a moment of bravery and follow these simple steps to uncover the words that you want to share with the ones you love. Join Kathy and Jake in this throat chakra exercise in speaking on the unspoken love. Don’t wait until someone passes to share the words of your heart.

Members Holiday Snorkel Event!

MEMBERS ONLY! We want to celebrate our members!  This Holiday Snorkel is a chance to meet new and celebrate old friends! We also want to remind our members how happy we are that you have made the choice to keep connecting to yourself through the inspiration on the playgrounds! We are SO GRATEFUL for you! Grab a friend and join us for a virtual celebration of membership!  Kathy and Jake will share their feelings about the first year of LEM Membership!

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