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Content Launch!

Today is a great day to discover WHAT’S NEW with our new content release!  Find great inspiration in our Mindful Self Reflection, Meditation, and Food Playgrounds! Of course LEM Mindful Playgrounds are for MEMBERS ONLY! Not yet a member? Click here to register to play with us!

Mindful Self Reflection

Mindful Meditation 

Mindful Food

Treat Yourself!

What better way to care for yourself than by nurturing yourself with health food!  Amy loves to talk about food, discover new foods, and enjoy delicious bites!  In this live virtual event Amy will take a tasty treat she learned from a ‘blue zone’ and make Sardinian Almond Cookie Bites! Join us to learn a new way to talk about food!

This event is for MEMBERS ONLY! You can log into the LEM site on the date and time of the event and go to the events page.  A link will appear to join us!  Not yet a member? Click here to register to play with us!

Overnight Oats With Amy

CONTENT LAUNCH! The solar plexus houses a fiery energy for empowerment and transformation, connected to our self-esteem.  This fiery energy feeds off slow burning carbohydrates like oats! Today we launch Amy’s Overnight Oats, a recipe for all to enjoy!  Content can be found in the Mindful Food Playground!

Healthy Holiday With Marcelle!

The holidays are around the corner and Marcelle is here to share her expertise as a certified health coach and personal chef to help create healthy options and ideas to enjoy!

This is a MEMBERS ONLY event.  Members log into the site at the start time of the event and a link will appear in event details to join.

Become Your Solution From Personal Chef Marcelle!

Today launches a SIX PART SERIES with Marcelle.  Marcelle is a certified health coach and personal chef.  She guides us through finding our why, ways to be successful, and considering inflammation in our diets!  Through a combination of videos and worksheets (PDFs) we will learn tips and tricks from one of the experts in our Mindful Food playground!

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