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Let’s Dress Up! Costumes For Your Sign With Denise!

Do you love dressing up? Or do you need a last minute costume idea?  Denise teaches us cool stuff about the signs while giving us groovy ideas for each sign’s vibe to create a costume!  You can join this event to literally hear how to dress up…or to simply learn more about the zodiac signs! 

This is a MEMBERS ONLY event.  Log into the LEM site on the date of the event and at the start time a link will appear to join virtually!

Self Care For Your Sign With Dena

Self care for your sign with one of our favorite astrology queens Dena Decastro!  Dena is going to sit down and chat with Kathy and Amy about self care for your sun sign and moon sign.  Want to get a head start? Check out Dena’s three PDF’s in our Mindful Self Reflection Playground.  Learn to nurture yourself when you are stressed or depleted.  THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY EVENT.

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