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Human Design: Focus on the THROAT with Ruth!

Human design combines ancient wisdom systems and modern science to give you a blueprint of how your most natural responses are designed to enhance your life. Ruth Brennan is a certified analyst, teacher, and reader of Human Design and she is here for YOU!  What a treat to have Ruth helping you see a new you! (exclusively for LEM members, Ruth is booked out for months!) In this live virtual event Ruth, Amy, and Kathy will be chatting about the THROAT!  Communication, listening, and expression! The brown or white square third down from the top! If you need to catch up on Human Design Basics: click here! If you want to see your personal Human Design chart prior to the event, you can check that out here; Get Your Chart.

This event is for MEMBERS ONLY! You can log into the LEM site on the date and time of the event and go to the events page.  A link will appear to join us!  Not yet a member? Click here to register to play with us!

Meditation & Movement with Chakra based intentions with Krystal 5 of 7

At Live Everything Mindful we are a curious bunch and we love to play!  Krystal levels up our meditation and movement rituals by using the themes of the chakras to bring more intention to our practice.  The focus of the fifth chakra, the throat, is courage.  Together we will dive into our practice. (Recorded event, members only)

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