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Empty Nest

No one could have prepared me for the Carlisle ‘Empty Nest’ of 2023!

Kathy Speaks At Vantalks 2022!

VanTalks is a Vancouver based inspirational event with local speakers.  Our very own Kathy Carlisle has made the cut and will be speaking at this years October event!  The theme is Beyond Change!  Click here for the VanTalks site.  Multiple Sclerosis brought her to the door of change. What she didn’t expect was that there was a choice to be made. Beyond change was the invitation into transformation.

Come join us to cheer on Kathy!

Unspoken Love-Honoring the Throat Chakra with Kathy & Jake


Find a moment of bravery and follow these simple steps to uncover the words that you want to share with the ones you love. Join Kathy and Jake in this throat chakra exercise in speaking on the unspoken love. Don’t wait until someone passes to share the words of your heart.

Root Chakra and Mindful Movement Content Launch!

Details coming soon!

Control Panel; a little taste

Please enjoy a sneak peek of Kathy’s self-care control panel visual. She uses this analogy to turn into her own awareness and invites you to as well! Want to hear more? Become A Member to see the inspirational video from Kathy and how she uses the control panel, as well as a worksheet to create your own!

Beyond the Perfect Shot, Selfie Workshop with Kathy!

It is time to go beyond the perfect shot, the curated photo, and learn Kathy’s tools for keeping it real! During this hour long workshop Kathy shares action steps to play with selfies and transform yourself in the process!  Free for members, ticketed for non-members/public!

Communicating With Your Practitioner

Join Nadene Neale, ND, Kathy Carlisle, LEM Founder, and Amy Surface, PA-Cs as they consider communication with a practitioner.  Whether you are going to your doctor, naturopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, or primary care provider, this discussion aims to help you formulate a clear plan for a great visit yielding the results you want!  This is a MEMBERS ONLY event.  If you aren’t available to join us live at the time of the event, the recording will be available on the members Mindful Health Playground. 

LEM Membership!

Wonder what exactly is in store if you become a member of LEM? Wonder what all the excitement is about with the membership content? In this video Kathy Carlisle, founder of LEM, shows you how she uses the site and the content every day!

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