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Square Breathing

Breathing techniques are helpful in the midst of anxiety, feelings of overwhelm, or a desire to ground yourself. Amy guides us through Square Breathing, a great technique to flip us back into our rest and repair parasympathetic nervous system anytime, anywhere.

Five Minute Body Scan

It is worth the time, the quick five minutes of Krystal’s body scan to mindfully check in around how your body feels!


What can mindfulness do for you? Quoted from Randy Taran’s Emotional Advantage book, which was the inspiration for our days of the week themes on Instagram, Kathy created this quick guide for all the benefits of mindfulness!

A New Way To Connect

Ready for new conversation with your loved ones to find a deeper connection? Kathy provides new language to consider during divided times.

Dancing With Anna

Anna helps us ground with movement, whatever feels good! A custom designed playlist so you can move the way your body wants to!