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Balancing Your Throat Chakra!

In this live virtual event Amy will be chatting about the throat chakra basics, how to identify issues, and most importantly how you can balance!  Our throat chakra is responsible for communication and expression!  Want to learn more basics about the chakras?  Use the search feature in our Mindful Playground and find all the chakra content we have to share!  Chakras!

This event is for MEMBERS ONLY! You can log into the LEM site on the date and time of the event and go to the events page.  A link will appear to join us!  Not yet a member? Click here to register to play with us!

Heart Chakra With Amy!

Amy is a Physician Assistant and Reiki Master functioning with one foot in the western medicine world and one foot in the mind/body/soul world. For this reason she acts as a bridge between alternative-ancient and western medicine. Her specialty is affairs of the heart!  In this live virtual event Amy will talk about heart health and the heart chakra from herbs to nutrition to nature and compassion!

This is a MEMBERS ONLY EVENT, free for all members. At the start time of the event, log in and click on event details, a link will appear to join!

Mindfulness & Heart Health

Ever wonder how mindfulness can help your heart health?  One of the greatest forms of self love is taking care of your precious heart. In this MEMBERS ONLY LIVE virtual event, Amy Surface, PA and LEM Director of Content, talks about heart disease, how responsive our hearts are to lifestyle choices…especially mindfulness, and give you tips to start your own heart healthy mindful practice.

Communicating With Your Practitioner

Join Nadene Neale, ND, Kathy Carlisle, LEM Founder, and Amy Surface, PA-Cs as they consider communication with a practitioner.  Whether you are going to your doctor, naturopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, or primary care provider, this discussion aims to help you formulate a clear plan for a great visit yielding the results you want!  This is a MEMBERS ONLY event.  If you aren’t available to join us live at the time of the event, the recording will be available on the members Mindful Health Playground. 

Square Breathing

Breathing techniques are helpful in the midst of anxiety, feelings of overwhelm, or a desire to ground yourself. Amy guides us through Square Breathing, a great technique to flip us back into our rest and repair parasympathetic nervous system anytime, anywhere.

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