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Fall Herbs With Nadene!

The season is changing and to support your body through the transition Nadene Neale, ND will guide us through her favorite Fall season herbs.  We will talk Fall nutrition, herbals, and supplements to keep you feeling your very best!

This is a MEMBERS ONLY event.  Members log into the LEM site and at the start time of the event a link will appear  in the event details.  The recorded event will also be available on the Mindful Health Playground a few days after the event is complete.

Mindfulness & Heart Health

Ever wonder how mindfulness can help your heart health?  One of the greatest forms of self love is taking care of your precious heart. In this MEMBERS ONLY LIVE virtual event, Amy Surface, PA and LEM Director of Content, talks about heart disease, how responsive our hearts are to lifestyle choices…especially mindfulness, and give you tips to start your own heart healthy mindful practice.

Communicating With Your Practitioner

Join Nadene Neale, ND, Kathy Carlisle, LEM Founder, and Amy Surface, PA-Cs as they consider communication with a practitioner.  Whether you are going to your doctor, naturopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, or primary care provider, this discussion aims to help you formulate a clear plan for a great visit yielding the results you want!  This is a MEMBERS ONLY event.  If you aren’t available to join us live at the time of the event, the recording will be available on the members Mindful Health Playground. 

New Year, New You!

It might be a cliche, but most folks love to reset at the New Year. If this includes you, here is an invitation of where to put your energy.

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