Control Panel; a little taste

Please enjoy a sneak peek of Kathy’s self-care control panel visual. She uses this analogy to turn into her own awareness and invites you to as well! Want to hear more? Become A Member to see the inspirational video from Kathy and how she uses the control panel, as well as a worksheet to create your own!

Kathy’s Corner Preview!

Here is a sneak peek into our newly designed Kathy’s Corner! Take a look at snippets from Tea with Kathy, Interview Me, Inspiring Conversations, and Note to Self. All available in full format through Membership, join here!

Curious About LEM Events?

This video says it all! It is a lovely sampling of the incredible guests that we have bringing curiosity and inspiration to Live Everything Mindful events!!! Most events are for members. If you have been wondering if you want to become a member, this is the video for you! If you have watched this and WANT to become a member, click here.

Sneak Peek At The Playground

Curious about LEM membership but don’t want to purchase without a preview? Our LEM membership offers a whole lot of inspiration to connect with yourself through NINE areas of mindful engagement we call playgrounds! Preview a little taste of what you will find as a member and then shimmy over to the Become a Member page to register! First month FREE!

Fluid Art With Michelle!

Michelle takes us on a beautiful journey through fluid art! She teaches us about fluid art, how she started, and how it can benefit YOU! Download or print this colorful guide to fluid art and get creative!

Meditation Success!

Taking time for mindfulness and meditation takes some commitment. It can feel like another item on your to-do list. Sometimes the thought of carving out time for yourself to meditate is overwhelming and leads to discarding the idea entirely! What if there was a no pressure way you could track your success. There is no right answer here. There is no version of meditation or mindfulness practice that is a failure! We invite you to use this tracker in whatever way works for you and your practice. Make your own rules about what success means and be open to that evolving over time.

Questions To Consider

Stuck in your head? Want to connect with yourself or your loved ones in a new way? Here are a few questions to provoke enriching conversations and self-reflection! One way to use this handout is as a journal for yourself and come back to it after a period of time and see what’s changed or evolved. You can also use this as a conversation tool for families, partnership, or couples questions!

Test 2

Direct link to audio file does not work: This is a test audio link.

Embedded audio player does work:

New Year, New You!

It might be a cliche, but most folks love to reset at the New Year. If this includes you, here is an invitation of where to put your energy. Skip the drastic changes that you may struggle to maintain, leaving you feeling bad about yourself. Instead, try small changes that are sustainable throughout the entire year, so at this time next year, you will look back and realize so much has changed with the small steps along the way! With a Live Everything Mindful Membership, you will have access to content and pro tips in all these areas!

LEM Membership!

Wonder what exactly is in store if you become a member of LEM? Wonder what all the excitement is about with the membership content? In this video Kathy Carlisle, founder of LEM, shows you how she uses the site and the content every day!

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